SONO ultrasound Wipes 20 Wipes per softpack; 12 Softpacks per box + 1 Softpacks(Free)

SONO ultrasound Wipes 20 Wipes per softpack; 12 Softpacks per box + 1 Softpacks(Free)

What makes SONO Ultrasound Wipes so Great?

• Behind every ultrasound equipment exists a significant investment. The care and maintenance given to these delicate machines should be reflected accordingly. When it comes to cleaning ultrasound consoles and transducers, using the right wipes combined with good cleansing habits will keep your equipment valuable, and beautiful for years.

The wrong disinfectants can cause serious damage

• Did you know that using a generic disinfectant spray or wipe can cause serious damage? What may seem like a good bargain at first might end up becoming a costly ordeal, ruining your ultrasound equipment, potentially voiding warranty coverage! Yellow cables, de-laminated lenses, cracked housings, and console stains will make your machine look old and unsanitary. Your patients probably wouldn’t feel comfortable getting an ultrasound from such. In addition to the system’s reduced professional appearance, these things will make it fail leakage tests, lower its trade-in value, and even risk shocking patients!

Introducing SONO ultrasound wipes

• SONO wipes were particularly formulated to avoid these issues, and to protect your investment. Ultrasound equipment simply cannot be cleaned in the same way as x-ray machines, CT scanners, or MRI units. SONO ultrasound wipes are the only disinfectant wipes made specifically for and tested on ultrasound equipment and transducers.

What makes these wipes so much better?

• Are you tired of wipes that fall apart, are too small, or just too harsh on your hands? These might just be the solution. In addition, the wipes deodorize and have an amazing 7×10 size which is perfect for linear probes. You can count on these sanitizing wipes to stay moist even after their first use. Even with such great benefits, what truly sets SONO Ultrasound wipes apart is the revolutionary testing process behind them.

20 Wipes per softpack; 12 Softpacks per box
Easy clean-up. Top quality fabric with antibacterial formula, disinfects while cleaning up messes. Textured to pick up particles. Cloths quickly remove dirt, spots, and smudges while killing 99.9% of germs, bacteria, and viruses.
Machine protection. Non-abrasive, non-damaging wipes keep equipment looking like new.
Ultra-stick-grip. Ultra-stick adhesive keeps package fixed firmly. Prevents wipes from getting lost and visibly reminds staff to use specialty wipes for ultrasound cleaning.
Convenient packaging. Dispenses wipes like a tissue. Just pull, wipe, and toss.

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