SuperSprings SSA25 Self-Adjusting Leaf Spring Enhancer/Stabilizer

SuperSprings SSA25 Self-Adjusting Leaf Spring Enhancer/Stabilizer

SuperSprings are a unique and patented self-adjusting suspension stabilizing system for vehicles with rear leaf springs. They provide extra load support and reduce body roll without compromising the vehicle ride. Working with the factory spring pack, SuperSprings automatically activate as needed and their anti-sway feature reduces body roll by 30% providing superior driver control.

SuperSprings are designed in a variety of lengths and capacities to fit multiple applications of work and recreational trucks, vans and RVs. Their adjustable shackles allow installers to tune the installation to suit their particular needs.

How they work

The combination of a tapered blade and pivoting, self-adjusting, dual roller systems enable the SuperSprings to work on an as-needed basis. The installed springs are under nominal tension even when the vehicle is unloaded to avoid any rattles.

Leaf spring packs elongate under load as they flatten out and the pivoting swing-arm shackle found to the rear of original spring packs allows this extension. The SuperSprings dual rollers make the same allowance. This simple roller principal allows them to activate automatically, free of any manual adjustment.

Why SuperSprings?

A suspension system can be thought of as a scale or seesaw. If you desire more of something on one side of the scale (load leveling) you typically concede something (ride comfort) on the opposite side. The goal has always been to maximize more of what drivers desire while minimizing or even negating any offsetting effect. SuperSprings’ tapered blade and self-adjusting shackles assist in providing the desired load leveling ability without compromising ride quality. This is what makes them unique.

SuperSprings and SumoSprings are the only self-adjusting “fit-it-and-forget-it” option on the market that are also leak and rupture proof. Install SuperSprings and eliminate the headache of dealing with compressed air.Progressive rate SuperSprings bolt onto your vehicle’s factory leaf spring pack to boost load carrying capabilities
Self-adjust during suspension travel to reduce sway and wheel hop and increase driver control and confidence without sacrificing ride quality
Level a vehicle’s suspension when hauling heavy loads or reduce rear end sag from suspension fatigue in older vehicles
Simple, quick and easy installation and maintenance free operation provides a fit-it-and-forget-it solution
Made in the USA

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